Lucknow Woman Beats Muslim Cab Driver Shahdat Ali Publicly, Police Files FIR

Lucknow Woman Beats Muslim Cab Driver Shahdat Ali Publicly

Social media has been shocked by a viral video showing a young woman assaulting a cab driver Shahdat Ali in the last few days. The violence committed by the young woman in the video sparked anger among people.


After the video getting viral on social media, the hashtag #ArrestLucknowGirl began trending on Twitter. Netizens ask the police to arrest the Lucknow woman immediately. People were sympathized with the cab driver and condemn the young girl for beating him.

According to information spread on social media, it was known that the attacker was named Priyadarshini, alias Lakshmi, while the cab driver, named Shahdat Ali.

In an interview, Shahdat Ali explaining that the woman snatched his mobile device from the car and breaking it till it got completely destroyed.


Previously, Shahadat Ali and his two friends were accused of violating the peace. However, the police face heavy criticism from social media users, leading to a case against Priyadarshini registered on August 2 evening.

Priyadarshini accuses the cab driver of overspeeding and almost ran her over. Although CCTV footage showed the opposite, Priyadarshini was seen crossing the street carelessly.

On the other hand, Shahdat said that she broke his phone, damaged the cab, and stole Rs 600 from his dashboard.

Ali added saying, “The cops were favoring her because she is a female. Only my lawyers could help me get free.”

In the video, it was clearly seen the woman keep slapping and hitting the man repeatedly while a traffic cop and a lot of people stood there, watching them.

Ali doesn’t seem to be fighting back at all. He stays silent when a few blows from the woman hit his head.

Towards the end of the video, bystanders tried to intervene and asked her to stop hitting the man, but she started physically assaulting one of them.

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