90% of the People in Gaza Are Eating Less Than 1 Meal Per Day

As per the World Food Programme Catastrophe is hitting Gaza and millions of Gazans are suffering from starvation due to Israel’s attack on the region.
poor man having meal gaza

Starvation issues in Gaza are becoming Intense.

The World Food Program (WFP) stated that the majority of the Palestinians in Gaza are starving, as food and water supplies are running out because of Israel’s attacks. As per reports, nine out of 10 Palestinians are eating less than 1 meal per day.

Israel has been bombing and shelling Gaza for more than two months, killing nearly 20,000 people and destroying homes and hospitals.  The WFP said that finding food in Gaza City is very dangerous, as anyone who moves could be killed by Israel’s fire. 

Journalist Hind Khoudary said that people are sharing whatever food they have with their neighbors.  The WFP also said that more than a quarter of Gaza’s households are facing extreme hunger and that many people could die of famine if the war does not stop and if they do not get enough food, water, health, and sanitation services. 

The WFP said that its staff heard that many civilians do not eat for days and that many parents do not eat so that their children can have some food.  The WFP said that it is very hard to bring more food and aid to Gaza, as Israel is blocking the border crossing and making it difficult for aid workers to reach the people who need help. 

As per Cindy McCain, the Executive Director of WFP, the situation in Gaza is desperate, and they have been warning of this disaster for weeks.  The WFP also said that the lack of food and water is making people sick, as their bodies are weak and cannot fight diseases. 

The WFP said that there is not enough medicine and medical equipment in Gaza and that the hospitals are almost collapsing. 

The World Health Organization said that there are no working hospitals in northern Gaza and that the last hospital there stopped doing surgeries for the wounded.  Israel started the war with Hamas, the group that controls Gaza, on Oct. 7, after Hamas attacked southern Israel and killed about 1,200 people. 

Israel says it is defending itself, but the Gaza Health Ministry says that Israel has killed about 18,000 people in Gaza since then.

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