51% of All Homes In Gaza Destroyed, 1.4 Million Palestinians Homeless

Gaza is in complete ruins as Israeli airstrikes continue hitting the city.
destoryed homes in gaza
Image Credit: Kashfi Halford

GAZA – Military assistance from the United Nations to Israel and continuous Israeli bombings have ruined the city of Gaza as thousands of buildings turn to crumble leaving 1.4 million Palestinians homeless.

1.4 Million Palestinians Are Now Homeless

Gaza in Palestine is reeling from the Israeli airstrikes which have crushed thousands of buildings to rubble leaving over 1.4 million Palestinians homeless. 

The Israel-Hamas conflict began on 7th October and has resulted in uncountable injuries. The complete healthcare system in Gaza is on the verge of Collapsing as doctors find it hard to cope with the overwhelming number of casualties with a lack of medical aid.

palestinian woman cooks in her destoryed home
Image Credit: REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

Israeli airstrikes have killed around 7000 Palestinians while 1.4 million remain homeless.

With International communities constantly raising concerns about the Humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza, the United States on the other hand has offered military assistance to Israel making the situation more adverse.

People In Gaza Living In Worst Living Conditions

In a recent interview, Mr. Volker Türk, the Human rights chief at the United Nations emphasized the immediate need for a ceasefire in light of the ongoing dire situation in Gaza

Gazans have endured a complete blockade of electricity, water, and fuel in the past few days with Israel planning a ground invasion of the city

destroyed buildings in gaza
Image Credit: REUTERS

Pro-Palestinian groups are pushing and demanding the United Nations to immediately call for a ceasefire, however, the Pro Israeli groups on the other hand are celebrating the widespread massacre of Palestinian kids and women leading to high tensions

As the situation continues to unfold, we pray and hope that peace is restored in the holy city and a brighter future can be established for future Palestinian generations.

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