Full Story of Prophet Salih (AS), All Life Events In Detail

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Prophet Salih (AS) was sent to the people of Thamud lived in a valley called al-Hajr for the guidance. And this blog covers all of his life events and full story.

The people of the Prophet Hud again fell into deeds induced by the devil such as worshipping statues, arrogance and practiced terrorism.  

Among the bad people was a kind man called Salih (p.b.u.h) from the tribe of Thamud, known for his compassion, purity, and wisdom, qualities of which made him respected by his followers and nominate as a prophet by Allah.  

His message to his people was to worship Allah alone. Only a few of the population believed him. The majority were confused as they were taught to worship statues by their ancestors. Although there was no proof to confidently say that these ‘Gods’ were divine and existed, they asked Salih (p.b.u.h) to prove that he is the messenger of Allah (s.w.t) by challenging him. 

They asked him to ask Allah (s.w.t) to make a she-camel out of the rock, which is 10 months pregnant, tall and attractive. Prophet Salih (p.b.u.h) then asked them whether they will believe in Allah (s.w.t) if that miracle happened. They all agreed.  When Allah granted their wish, only a few held their promise. They hated the camel, which gave birth to a calf, and continued to be despicable. 

The tall and beautiful camel drank lots of water and gave lots of milk for her calf and the people. The non-believers started to harm the camel and calf till they killed both abhorrently despite Salih (p.b.u.h) warned them not to. Prophet Salih then told them that they had only three days to seek forgiveness from Allah and mend their ways, otherwise, they would face a colossal punishment. They denied. 

As days went by, their faces became darker and darker. Allah sent big thunderstorms and all hid in their houses. Everybody died by the loud thunderstorm, except the believers of Allah s.w.t. 

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