40 Million ZamZam Water Packs Ready For Hajj 2024

Saudi company will use digital platforms to make Zamzam water accessible to the pilgrims.
zamzam water packs
Image: The Islamic Information

The Hajj pilgrims will receive about 40 million Zamzam water bottles, while each pilgrim is entitled to 22 Zamzam water bottles.


  • Al Zamazemah Company in Saudi Arabia will distribute Zamzam water bottles to the Hajj pilgrims.
  • Each pilgrim will receive 22 bottles of Zamzam bottle.
  • The company will make use of digital platforms to ensure an efficient service.

The Hajj pilgrimage season 2024 has started. The first flights of pilgrims arrived in the Holy Land on the 8th and 9th of May. The Zamzam water holds significance for all the pilgrims visiting the holy sites.

    To ensure a proper Hajj pilgrimage experience, it has been decided by one Saudi company to provide the pilgrims with bottles of Zamzam water. A total of count 400 million bottles will be distributed among the lucky pilgrims during Hajj 2024.

    Each pilgrim will receive 22 bottles of Zamzam water as per reports received from the board member of Al Zamazemah Company, Yasser Shushu. As per the Yasser digital channels have been prepared as well to communicate with the pilgrims directly thus ensuring a smooth operation process.

    According to the Saudi News Agency SPA, the bottles will be printed with barcodes which can be scanned easily. This approach will ensure that the highest standard of digital transformation is used to get the order and deliver the Zamzam water bottles to the required pilgrim.

    The company understands the importance of providing a smoother operation and efficient service to the pilgrims, thus Al Zamazemah has already planned training and workshop sessions ahead of the Hajj season to boost its managerial efficiency.

    The company also aims to improve its field service centers in Makkah and the entry and exit points.

    Zamzam water not only holds importance for the pilgrims but for other individuals as well. Thus the blessed water is used by pilgrims as a gift item for their friends and relatives once they arrive back to their home country.

    Hajj is expected on June 14, 2024, however, this can change as per the moon sightings. The first group of pilgrims has already arrived in Saudi Arabia from Pakistan and other countries.

    As per official reports, it is expected that 2 million Muslims will get a chance to perform Hajj this year. The Saudi authorities are already preparing to handle such a mass gathering after the successful operation of the Umrah arrangements which was attended by 30 million Muslims.

    The number of pilgrims keeps on increasing each year. Saudi Kingdom welcomed 1.8 million Muslims for Hajj in the year 2023 which marked the end of the COVID Pandemic. Hajj is an obligatory duty and must be performed at least once in a lifetime by those individuals who are physically and financially sound.

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