In 1996, the Holy Kaaba Was Damaged

1996 was the year when Kaaba walls had lots of cracks due to wear and tear.
1996 Kaaba Restoration

MAKKAH – In 1996, the building of the Holy Kaaba was damaged and became fragile due to wear and tear. It was the time when King Fahd of Saudi Arabia ordered its restoration.

Restoration of the structure

Kaaba is 50 feet high and 35 feet wide. The building of the Kaaba became fragile because of the natural wear and tear, which can happen to any building. The walls of Kaaba had visible cracks and its’ foundation had weakened. The building needed a long-awaited restoration to ensure it lasted long.

The process

In 1996, King Fahad of Saudi Arabia finally ordered the restoration of the Holy Kaaba. The process started to repair the cracks in the walls of Kaaba, and this task was assigned to the experts. The entire process ensured that the original Kaaba building remained untouched.

White platform

As the team of experts started the process a white platform was raised to protect the Kaaba from outside. The platform was designed to ensure the safety of the sanctity of the Kaaba and the things inside it. The platform allowed the experts to keep the flow of supply of equipment easy and smooth.

This event holds the highest value in the history of Muslims. Restoration work ensured that the Kaaba remains secure and safe for millions of Muslims who visit it throughout the year for pilgrimage.

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