New Zealand Terrorist Pleaded Not Guilty In Christchurch Mosque Attack

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Christchurch, New Zealand: On Friday, two men accused of killing 51 people at the Christchurch Mosque attack pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

Brenton Tarrant ridiculed his lawyer Shane Tait for a sinless request but did not show any emotion at the Christchurch High Court hearing.

The 28-year-old Australian appeared through a video link from a small room in the highest security prison in Auckland, where he was being held.

The court was crowded with 80 survivors and family members, and another 60 watched the video in the overflowing room.

Four cultural consultants and other staff members were assigned to help victims and their families understand the situation in the court and the next steps in the case.

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A correspondent who had a word with survivors told that they have been praying during Ramadan and that the Muslim community will help and support each other in the coming weeks and months.

Tarrant was charged with 51 murders, 40 attempted murders and a terrorism allegation related to the March 15 massacre.

Tarrant was wearing a grey sweatshirt and was taken into the room by three prison officials. His connection was calm and he did not try to speak. When Cameron Mande asked if he could hear and see what happened in the court, Tarrant nodded.

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Abdul-Mun'im sombat Jitmoud

It is so difficult to comprehend a human being could possibly intend to kill his fellow human beings…51 lives. All of us have been created by One Almighty God – Allah. Almighty Allah created us and made us different nationality , language , and culture so that we may know one another and live together in peace and harmony. At the end, we all must return back to Him to be judged regarding how well behave during this worldly life. I feel so sorry for him for being misguided by the devil. He is an unfortunate soul. He has a… Read more »

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