Marrying Widows In Islam – Kinds Of Widow You Can Marry In Islam

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Marrying a widow in Islam is considered as Sunnah, but with it, there are some Hadiths which states everything very clear and answers many questions.

With it, there are few questions that are frequently asked on Internet, so we at The Islamic Information decided to answer all of them for you.

Marrying Widow of your own Brother in Islam

You can marry the widow of your own brother, if she is expecting then you must wait until she has her baby. If you’re married, then you will need the permission of your first wife to marry the widow of your brother.

Marrying your Wife’s Sister, who is now a widow

marry widow islam

You are not allowed to marry your wife’s sister if her husband passes away, you still cannot marry your wife’s sister, as keeping two women (from same father) are not allowed in Islam.

Marrying your Widow cousin

Marrying a widow hadith islam

You can marry your cousin if she has lost her husband, but if she is expecting then you must follow the same rule as we’ve told above for the widows that are expecting. If you’re unmarried, it would be easier for you to marry her, but if you’re married, you would find it tough as wives usually disagree marrying. But if your wife doesn’t allow, then you shouldn’t marry.

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But you can financially support your cousin so make her meet her daily life needs.

Marrying your Widows with children

Marry Widow Islam Sunnah

Hadiths highly encourage marrying such women, but if you’re sure that you will be able to love the kids as your own, then you’re good to go. But if you fear that you might not be able to support the family or the expenses that come with children, then you might wanna reconsider your move.

What to do if my family objects to marrying a Widow ?

marrying a pregnant widow

If your wife has allowed you, and you’re capable of doing the justice between two marriages but still if your family objects then you need to take them in consideration and let them know about how good it will do to the other person.

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But if you’re a grown-up man with a wife and grown-up children, and if marrying someone can break the home and kids of your first wife, then you seriously do not need to marry at all. Instead, you can give the widow monthly allowances so she can have a better life without marrying you.

What to do if my wife does not allow me to marry a widow ?

As discussed above, if your wife disallows it, then you shouldn’t marry that person. Instead you can give the person money so she can meet her daily life requirements.

Marrying Widows are a SUNNAH

Marrying widows is a sunnah as it is been done by Prophet Muhammad PBUH as well. And if someone is marrying one then you shouldn’t question as a friend but should support that person as that can make one helpless woman get a ray of hope.

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Muhammad-Junaid Khan

What if the woman is divorced? and have no children and she can earn money to support herself. On the other hand, another man is married too and happy with his first and only wife but wants to give support to divorced woman by marrying her.
1-Is it allowed and consider a good or bad deed in Islam?
2-In same situation, if your current wife don’t allow you to marry the divorced woman mentioned above. What should the man do then?

A Shabbir Ahmed

Jazak Allah Khairan, Brothers and Sisters at About Islam. Wonderful clarification.

Many Muslims are not aware of this and they go by what their family traditions practice, especially in India, In India, there are many instances of the deceased wife’s parents marrying off her blood sister to her husband. Also, the brother marrying his blood sister’s daughter.

These practices are prevalent among the Hindus of India, Since, Indian Muslims are reverts from Hinduism, they are continuing this practice which is prohibited in Islam, reconciling to the fact that their ancestors practiced this and so they will continue with the same.

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