Viral video of Turkish Marriage proposal in front of Holy Kaaba Created Chaos!

Marriage proposal kaaba turkish
Marriage proposal infront of Kaaba – Photo: ARABNEWS
Turkish Marriage proposal kaaba
Turkish Marriage proposal infront of Kaaba – Photo: ARABNEWS

JEDDAH: Marriage manners has changed over the eras and of all the feature snatching recommendations from around the globe, TRT journalist Yusuf Akyön may have taken the cake when he popped the question to his better half this week.

Each culture has its own exceptional marriage customs — numerous Muslims, for example, want to propose to their critical others within the sight of family. Akyön, who hails from a Turkish family, chose to bring his association with his sweetheart to the following level in Islam’s most sacrosanct site, before the Kaaba in Makkah’s Grand Mosque.

The young fellow chose to astonishment his cherished one, exploiting the nearness of their families, and pulled a ring from his pocket, saying: “We are here before the Kaaba and within the sight of our favored moms.

“Obviously, I am humiliated of doing this before them, however I think what I will do is great,” Akyön said in a video of the suggestion that became a web sensation after he shared it on his web-based social networking accounts.

Akyön is the child of the Turkish Press Attaché in Saudi Arabia Bahattin Akyön, Sözcü Newspaper revealed.

Notwithstanding the life partner’s stun, she playfully approached Akyön to stoop while requesting her hand. “Bow down else I won’t state yes,” she said. The young fellow in the long run bowed before her, in a Hollywood-style minute.

Nonetheless, Akyön confronted a rush of feedback subsequent to posting the video on the web and needed to erase his online networking accounts.

Some Turkish online networking clients responded to the video, saying it was discourteous of the columnist to propose in such a holy place.

Some even requested the Turkish TV channel fire the correspondent and consider him responsible for his activities.

“Purposefully or not, your journalist, Yusuf Akyön, ought to be instructed a lesson for manhandling our heavenly locales,” client Merve Septioglu said on Twitter.

Others blamed the correspondent for looking for consideration and notoriety by recording such a video, while some dreaded the move would trigger a restriction on Turks performing Umrah and going to the Kaaba.

Bedouins online networking clients additionally shared their considerations on the matter, with blended responses.

“I regard sentiment and societies of different countries, yet I wish [for] a similar regard for our heavenly destinations. Did you truly need to propose to her here and along these lines?” Waleed Al-Farraj, the manager in-head of Ayn Al-Youm news site tweeted.

Nonetheless, a few clients went to his guard.

“Makkah individuals wed in the Grand Mosque and even welcome others. It is ordinary,” Khalid Balbisi tweeted.

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