8 Types Of People You Can Give Your Zakat To – Who To Give Zakat ?

8 Types Of People You Can Give Your Zakat To - Who To Give Zakat _

Zakat is one of the five major pillars of Islam that every Muslim needs to fulfill. Zakat is a charity, but who is entitled to receive it?

The definition of this term is to do Charity and help the poor grow and make the balance in society. It helps the poor to get basic needs that they could not fulfill due to financial problems. As per Islam, it purifies your wealth, and Allah gives you the rewards hereafter.

But the point is, Zakat cannot be given to just ANYBODY, Islam has defined the terms and conditions of giving Zakat, and we at The Islamic Information divided all of them into 8 types.

1. Lone Traveller

Zakat can be given to people left alone in a foreign country and without money to eat or survive. You can also give it to the refugees living in your country (Only those who need the money and facing an adamant time.)

2. Allah’s Path

This can be given to the people fighting in the path of Allah, by fighting means, who are preaching FREE QURAN and spreading knowledge for free. You can donate.

3. Debtors

People who are under the burden of a loan and can’t get away with it, you can donate to them to help them pay off their debts. But make sure that the money they borrowed is utilized for Halal purposes.

4. Freeing Captives

You can use this money to free any slaves or captives.

5. Newly Accepted Muslims

If someone accepts Islam and is needy, then he or she is entitled to receive the money.

6. NGOs

There are many Non-Governmental Organizations that accept Zakats. If you trust the organization and believe that your money will be received by a valid person, then there is no harm in giving it away to these NGOs.

7. Masakin

Masakin means extremely poor, who have no income source and barely eat a day thrice. They are highly entitled to receive the money.

8. Fuqara

Fuqara means the people who live on the streets and have no means to feed themselves.

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