3 Killed, 100 Arrested In Protest After Anti-Prophet Facebook Post in India

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BANGALORE: At least 3 have been killed while 100 is in custody after the protests erupted in the city on a Facebook post in India that contained derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

The Facebook post that had unpleasant words about the Islamic Prophet PBUH sparked the deadly protests in India on Tuesday night, police station, politician’s house, and vehicles were set on fire.

Police said that they had no choice but to shoot the protestors, as a result of this 3 people have passed away. Police official has further confirmed that the emergency has been declared in the city. Bangalore is considered to be India’s Silicon Valley.

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Police have confirmed that person who did Anti-Prophet facebook post in India have been arrested.

The person who started these protests by posting Anti-Islamic post was identified as Naveen, he is the nephew of Congress Politician, Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy, his house was burned and attacked during the riots.

The post containing derogatory remarks about Prophet Muhammad PBUH has been removed. Meanwhile, Facebook declined to comment on this situation.

Protestors have attacked the police station and torched vehicles in the city. But on the other hand, Muslims have also been praised for protecting a Hindu temple.

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Muslim leaders in India have directed protestors to remain peaceful and refrain from damaging properties, Maulana Mohammed Maqsood Imran Rasheed told Anadolu Agency.

PM of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, Mufti Muzammil has also appealed to the protestors to remain calm, as police are liable to take action against anyone who is damaging the properties.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

This is the vote bank politics of all Indian politicians, who, if they want to pass their time, get into all these kind of cheap propaganda. Their hands were itching for the past 6 months, when, due to Covid19 lockdown,they could create any mess in the society. The police are to blamed in the first place. When the protesters demanded that the police arrest and file an FIR against this perpetrator who wrote the Fb post. If they had dont just that, things would not have gone this far. On the contrary, they succumbed to this congress politician’s pressure and… Read more »

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