8 Hadiths Which Shows The Importance Of Parents-Children Relationship

8 Hadiths Which Shows The Importance Of Parents-Children Relationship

Parents-Children relationship is one of the things that is the most sacred thing in the world. Hadiths related to this beautiful relationship will tell us it’s importance.

We at The Islamic Information collected the series of Hadiths linked to the basic idea of children and parents’ relationship.

1. Merits of having children


Having children is one of Allah’s blessings. Always be thankful to him for giving you the most precious thing.

2. The need of being just with the children

children having hadith

Be very just to your children, decide what is best for them. Do not burden them with the things they can not handle.

3. Role of a Man after he becomes a Father

children hadith

Do not take yourself lightly after you become a father, you need to be more responsible for nurturing the child.

4. Be very responsive towards your children

hadith sahih muslim children

Never neglect your child, always be very responsive and ready to hear his/her problems, and also teach your children about Good and Bad Touch!

5. A spot in heaven

parents jannah hadith

Great rewards come after paying a great price, losing one’s child is not an easy thing to deal with. But there is a great reward for it.

6. Merits of a devoutly religious child

child jannah hadith

Growing up your child with the knowledge of Islamic principles can make his/her parents earn Jannah.

7. Blessing of having a Daughter

daughter child blessing hadith

Daughters are a Blessing from Allah. Fatimah (RA) was the first child of Muhammad (PBUH) and Khadija (RA), and there are many praises of Allah and his Messenger (PBUH) related to the Daughters.

8. Providing love to your children

mercy child allah hadith

Being THERE for your children is very important because Parents are the only rope that children can hold when they feel anxious about the things in their life which is important in a Parents-children relationship.

Do share it with the parents to know how important their kids are for them.

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