How People Reacts To The Couples Who Only Have Daughters

This Is How People Reacts To The Couples Who Only Have Daughters

Couples who only have daughters face a lot of pressure in our society as they do not have a son yet. This leads to depression and severe sadness. Even some people search for dua to have a son! which is very wrong!

Daughters are the blessing of Allah but still, in this modern era, many people create a gender gap. They just want to have the baby boy and that’s it. But do you think that if you have several sons then you can live a happy life? Sorry to say you are in the wrong. When our religion Islam has both equal rights then how can you distinguish between son and daughter? 

Anyways our topic of discussion is how Society Reacts to the couple with the newborn girl or what kind of statements couples have to listen to. 

So when somebody listens to the news of a baby girl. The first reaction will be “Oh daughter”. “Oh, congratulations don’t worry next time Allah bless you with the son. Don’t lose hope” and couples are like “What do you mean who said that we desperately want a baby boy we just want a healthy child, gender is not an important child is important for parents.  

Then many people Say during pregnancy that you should consult with some Alim BaBa, if you will ask him to pray for you then surely you will be the parent of a baby. 

Like seriously what can this BaBa will do for you? These are just superstitious things.  

Then if you are the parent of just a daughter or daughters everybody feels pity for you. Do you think that daughters are a burden on parents? Big No. Daughters are not tense daughters are equal to ten sons. Couples have to listen to that oh you have daughters if you have now a son then your family. Then couples have to tell everybody that their family is still complete without any son because Allah wants us to grow a daughter and to gain Jannah in an easy way. 

We just hope that one day everybody will change his or her perspective on the matter of daughters. 

Just want to request you that please don’t feel a female child a burden or tension, provide her the best upbringing to live easily and happily in this cruel and harsh world. 


May Allah protect all the daughters in the world. Ameen. 

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