How to Pray Tahajjud Prayer – Step by Step Guide For All

How to Pray Tahajjud Prayer

Tahajjud prayer is non-obligatory but its importance can make us very close to Allah SWT. Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has stated that the second pillar of Islam is the Salah, and it is, like the rest of the pillars, obligatory on every Muslim.

Thus, we are obliged to pray 5 times a day. It further has two kinds; Obligatory prayers, with no option of being skipped under normal scenarios and specified at their own timings and the Nafl prayers i.e. the extravagant prayers, which are optional to perform and not questionable to Allah SWT if not followed.

The Tahajjud prayer appears among the non-obligatory ones which a person should perform in the later night after waking up from a little amount of sleep.

quran about tahajjud reference

With the reference of the above stated Ayah, we can say that Tahajjud prayer will serve us with a blessed rank on the Judgment Day when prayed on its time by following other instructions mentioned.

Step by Step guide on How To Pray Tahajjud Prayer

Tahajjud Prayer’s Significance

The word “Tahajjud” means to sleep so that you can offer Salah. There are varieties of Ahadith and verses available that focuses on the importance of appealing to Allah SWT by prayers and solicitation in the later nights.

Allah comes to the lowest sky at night

Tahajjud Prayer’s Timing

It can be followed in the first part of the night, middle time in the night as well as in the later part of the night however, after performing the obligation of Isha’a prayer. Another point to note is that you must have had slept for a while.

Perhaps, the perfect time to follow is night’s 1/3 portion as by that time you can have some sleep. In reality, its timing starts just after the Isha’a prayer till all night (the dawn). The Holy Prophet (PBUH) quoted His followers:

Abu Zhar was asked by Abu Muslim:

tahajjud reference from hadith

Therefore, it is not meant to be offered straight after Isha’a, however after you have rested, doesn’t matter if the time gets nearest with that of Fajr prayer.

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