10 Judgement Day Signs Which Have Already Come True!

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Judgement Day signs are coming near us as we move forward. These are the signs which already have come true in modern times, and we are shocked to tell you that the final hours are very near!

Year by year the prophecies of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) on the approach of the day of judgment are proving to be true. The prophet said:

  • As reported by Ibn Abbas (R.A), to Allah to grant us Barakah in our food in the Northern and Southern parts of this region (countries of Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, etc.) and when one of the companions questioned about Iraq, he said that Iraq is the place where the Fitna will commence. Today, this prophecy, proved to be true.
  • That the Arabian Peninsula will blossom again in Tab’uuk near the well was, and today there are indeed gardens in the middle of Tab’uuk where the well was.
  • People will be so wealthy that nobody will take the Za’qaat.
  • That severe winters, summers, and disasters will occur such that we will have no crops. Indeed! As we speak, floods and droughts are becoming common, affecting negatively the amount and quality of the product.
  • As reported by Abu Huraira (R.A), “when trust has been lost, then wait for the hour” which means as times will go by, there will progressively less trustworthy people on Earth. Cheating, Deception, Theft are now common in modern society.
  • People who will lead the most powerful countries will no longer know where Iraq is.
  • All nations will attack Muslims just like wolves attacking meat, currently termed as “Islamophobia”
  • People will commit adultery but will recognize that this is a shameful act to do in public.
  • People will no longer worry whether whatever they are doing is permissible or not. Riba will be eaten by everybody.
  • People will have whips like the tail of the ox and will whip each other as manifested as “BDSM
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This Video explains the Judgement Day Signs which we have already seen!

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I believe that the end is near! More near than anyone thinks.


Exactly especially with the c virus going on…


The current so called c virus may also have something to do with the last day, many have researched and found out that this is a depopulation agenda of the elites who are ruled by shaytan himself, which is obviously making sense believe it or not, some of the signs of the last day even included America going bankrupt and hello? The current situation is so bad that even America’s and the entire world’s economy is in danger! The news and media as always is trying to put fear into people and I’ve seen that people have started acting like… Read more »

Jatau Sule

It is true, may Almighty Allah protect us, the major things now common to Muslims and non-muslims is adultery, fornication, eating Riba knowingly or unknowingly, trust breaking, breaking promise.


Explain point 3


You will not find anyone who will accept the charity you give due to them having wealth too

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