Israel Shuts COVID-19 Testing Clinic in East Jerusalem in Palestine

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The Israeli police have shuts COVID-19 testing clinic where Palestinians are being tested for the Coronavirus in east Jerusalem.

As per the local sources who talked to Anadolu Agency, the clinic was raided by Israeli police on Tuesday evening as well as arrested four Palestinians.

Israeli police did not give any explanation of the raid, Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper stated that the Clinic was closed because the testing kits were provided by the Palestinian authority.

The Israeli administration is not helping us and they never allow us to get aids from other countries.

A resident, Farhi Ebu Diab while talking to Haaretz

The Palestinian Authority is accusing that Israel is hiding coronavirus cases in the East Jerusalem. Israel’s health ministry has not given any clear information on this accusation yet. 41 people were infected with deadly coronavirus, as announced by Palestinian Authority.

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Tel Aviv has established four testing points in the east jerusalem about two weeks ago after immense pressure from parties that represents Israeli citizens.

In 1967 war, Israel captured Jerusalem. East Jerusalem is wanted by the Palestinians to be the capital while Israel see the city as it’s capital.

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