BREAKING: Israel Just Fired Multiple Missiles at Syria

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Israel just fired multiple missiles towards Syria, which made the Syrian people more afraid of this world. Israel fired several missiles at the Shayrat Airbase located in the vicinity of Homs Governorate.

As per the statement given by Syrian Air Defence spokesperson that Israel fired multiple missiles at 1:10 AM local Syrian time and Syrian Air defence efficiently intercepted few of these missiles but there is no report of what are the places where other missiles have hit.

This is the second time in last seven days that Israel has attacked the vicinity of Homs Governorate. Israel violated the humanity laws as they launched the missiles towards Syria while America denies to the fact that they gave these missiles a go and stated these missiles was clearly Israel’s decision and US does not have any kind of partnership in these attacks.

Syrian air defence said that they had successfully intercepted one of the missiles which were fired at Sharyat Airbase.

As per few reports, Israel fired up-to 7 missiles, one of them was intercepted over Damascus while the other missiles damages and casualties has still unidentified.

Syrian Air Defence has stated while talking to Al-masdar news that Israel’s warplanes had illegally entered Syria from eastern Lebanon. Syrian Air Defence is still on hold in case they see more missiles from Israel tonight.

Israel has continued to target T4 airbase, which is trying to intercept the illegal missiles fired by UK, US, France and Israel. Israel is trying to destroy the major check points making an easy way for other warplanes coming into Syria and bombing them.

Before all of this, a chemical bomb has been blasted in Syria and after that US, UK and France opened a huge load of missiles causing a the death of many innocent civilians and now Israel has tried to attack Syria, casualties are still unknown.

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