Indian Mosque Imam Arrested After Praying In Front of Secretariat

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Indian mosque Imam, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, prayed in front of the Chief Secretary in Uttar Pradesh and arrested later.

According to the Indian Times India Times report, the person was identified as Rafiq Ahmed.

During the incident on Friday evening, traffic flow was affected in the area, while people also used the anti-Modi slogan.

Indian media says that when the Muslim man was praying the road on the road, Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh Yogi Uditanath, headed by Chief Secretary, was sitting in a secret meeting.

Senior Superintendent Police, Lucknow, arrested Rafiq Ahmed by the night and filed a case against spreading chaos by jamming traffic.

He said that after detection of the imam, they arrested but further investigations have not been issued yet.

Taking notice of the case, the Lucknow police chief, at the time, was fired the two police constables on duty, who had allowed Imam to read the prayer.

During that time, there was a traffic jam for 20 minutes while the police and traffic police officers on the spot had given the time to Imam so he can complete prayer and the entire scene was recorded by the television representatives.

After paying the prayer, Rafique Ahmed sat on his bike and went away from there, who later arrested the police.

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