France “Begging” Muslims To Stop Boycotting Their Products After Huge Drop in Revenue

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A huge drop in revenue of the French Economy as Muslims all around the world decides to boycott French products in defense of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

At a protest in France, it was desired that Middle Eastern countries must stop calling for a boycott of its goods for the protection of Emmanuel Macron for showing the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

The baseless calls for a boycott were being pushed by a radical minority as stated by the French foreign ministry.

Huge Drop in Revenue

In some shops of Kuwait, Jordan, and Qatar, the French products have been abolished.

Meanwhile, in Libya, Syria, and the Gaza Strip there are several protests being performed.

After the gruesome murder of a French teacher who displayed the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in class, there were comments made by Mr. Macron.

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Mr. Macron stated that the teacher was murdered because Islamists want our future but France will not give up our cartoons.

Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad is widely regarded as taboo in Islam and is very disrespectful.

But The central to France’s national identity is laïcité or state secularism. Controlling freedom of expression to keep safe the feelings of an individual community the state stated it undermines unity.

Mr. Macron doubles down his defense of the French values by posting this tweet on Sunday ‘’we will not give in’’.

Mr. Macron has been rounded by the Political leaders in Turkey and Pakistan for blaming him for not respecting the freedom of belief and degrading millions of Muslims in France.

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The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday requested for a second time to Macron that he should seek mental checks for his opinions about Islam.

On Saturday, Several comments give rise to France to recall its ambassador to Turkey for consultations.

In Saudi Arabia, the Arab world’s largest economy a hashtag declaring a boycott of French supermarket chain Carrefour was the second most trending topic.

Some largest Muslim communities in Western Europe have blamed the French President for trying to quash their religion and said that his campaign risks legitimizing Islamophobia.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Nothing else in this world brings one to his knees other than monetary loss.

The entire Muslim World Must Rise against all these infidels who brand Islam as a terrorist religion and insult our Beloved Prophet(PBUH).

This is the Jihad of our generation.

Muhammed Ahmed Maje


Aman Tahir

yes really

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