Charlie Hebdo, French magazine Republish Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad

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French magazine Charlie Hebdo is republishing the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad PBUH after the terror attack back in 2015.

We will never step down, we won’t give up.

Laurent Sourisseau, Director of Charlie Hebdo.

Back in 2015, 12 people had been killed in the terror attack on the same French magazine building. Resulted in protest between libreals and Muslims all around the world.

women protesting in downing street central london

Back in 2006, French Magazine publishes the cartoons of Prophet Muhammad PBUH on their front page.

The cartoon is of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH was drawn by Jean Cabut, also known as Cabu was also killed in the attack back in the 2015 attack let by a terrorist organization.

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But the editorial team of the magazine has decided to republish the same cartoon for the 2020/2021 edition.

anti charlie hebdo protests

Charlie Hebdo has a history of publishing that offends the Islamic views, hurting the Muslims’ sentiments.

Millions of copies of the magazine have been printed having the offending cartoon at the cover of the magazine.

protest against french magazine muslims

No authorities have taken notice of this incident as of now. But this will further start protests in France after protests in Norway and Sweden has been erupted after a far right activist burned, tears and spits on Quran in public.

Muslims all around the world are condemning the act and raising their voice that an insult should not considered freedom of speech.

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What do you think about this? Do tell us about your opinion in the comments sections below.

Featured photo by SCMP.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

This tabloid has repeatedly been insulting Our Beloved Prophet(PBUH), in the past. Currently, with the 2015 case of the killing of 12 of their staff coming for hearing in the court of France in a few days, they have again commenced their evil act of slandering Our Beloved Prophet(PBUH) in the name of freedom of expression. I challenge them to release cartoons of their so called son of god Jesus(PBUH) who is so Beloved to them, in such a derogatory manner. They will not. One rule for them and another for Muslims. This has been the hypocrisy of the west… Read more »

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