Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad Shown on Government Buildings in France

Cartoons of Prophet Muhammad Shown on Projector in France

In France, the history teacher Samuel Paty who was murdered by an Islamic terrorist last week was given a tribute by projecting the cartoon of Prophet Muhammad on to government buildings.

During the national day of, mourning for the murdered teacher Samuel Paty the projection of several controversial cartoons took place.

On Wednesday evening for several hours, the controversial depictions were displayed onto town halls in Montpellier and Toulouse from the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo following an official memorial which was attended in Paris by President Emmanuel Macron and Paty’s family.  

While walking home on Friday evening, Paty was executed just some days after he displayed Charlie Hebdo’s caricatures of Muhammad to students in the class regarding the freedom of expression.

Macron declared the slain teacher as a quiet hero who embodied the values of the French republic. The President awarded Paty the Legion d’Honneur as a tribute and it is the highest France’s civilian honor.

Macron stated that he was killed because the Islamists want our future and he was also murdered precisely because he manifested the Republic.

On Friday, Samuel Paty became the face of the republic for breaking the will of terrorists and to live as a community of free citizens.

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This attack on Paty is the second most terror incident in the capital. Last month after the trial began against the cooperator of the 2015 killings which happened at Charlie Hebdo’s Paris offices.

The trial saw 14 people blaming for giving weapons and supporting the gunmen who were killed by the police just after three days of attack which resulted in 17 people dead and many of them were injured. 

In last Friday’s attack, The culprit was shot dead by the police and almost a dozen of them have been arrested for the part of the investigation.  

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