Coronavirus Spread in Xinjiang, China Among Uyghur Muslim Community

Coronavirus Spread in Xinjiang China Among Uyghur Muslim Community

A fear is developed in the Experts that the Coronavirus which is China’s recent viral disease which has killed approximately 213 people up till now, preserves a possibility of resulting huge outbreaks in the north-western state of Xinjiang. The state is consisted of 2 million ethnic and Uyghur Muslim Community detained following concentration camps.

The initial report by CNN and BBC of coronavirus appeared in Xinjiang where 2 men having the virus, came from Hubei State. Experts fear because the conditions within the camps are horrifying along with poor sanitation thus, it would spread quickly there.

coronavirus in xinjiang

China have detained millions of ethnic and Uyghur Muslim Community throughout the province, Xinjiang, in the concentration camps by claiming as an attempt to stem the dangerous foreign and terrorism influence prevailing in the Muslim groups located in Northwestern part of China.

The Uyghur and Ethnic Muslims were once focused to the account of torturing, holding rapes in masses, forcing sterilizations and had a high level of monitoring and security measures.

Often surrounded with unhygienic situations and poor diet inside the camps, the 2 million estimated Ethnic and Uyghur Muslims predicted detained in the camps possess high danger of contamination. Dozens of cases has been confirmed by Radio Free Asia within the camps directly linked with poor conditions prevailing inside the camps.

When speaking to the President of World Uyghur Congress Germany-based, RFA’s Uyghur Service, Dolkun Isa said;

We know for a fact that the conditions in the camps are horrible – many people have contracted serious illnesses due to the overcrowded and filthy conditions. China should do everything in its power to prevent the spread of the Wuhan virus into any camps because the consequences will be catastrophic, resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of Uyghurs arbitrarily detained.

Isa has also stated to China in terms of allowing both; International Red Cross and World Health Organization to cross based right to use the camps and the region to control and oversee what is being attempted to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

China haven’t responded yet, and still it states that such horrendous camps of concentration are the “education revising centers”, having aim to assist developing Chinese Communist Party-friendly and peaceful region.

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