Chinese Authorities Arresting Muslims Minorities Because Of These 44 Things

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Chinese Authorities Arresting Muslim Minorities if they’re doing these 44 things, which are very normal and doesn’t make sense to be banned like that.

As we have reported in one of the blogs, that China is bulldozing mosques and sending Muslims to reeducation camps in China’s western Xinjiang Province where 12 million Uyghur and Kazakh citizens are currently living. The list of these things that are making Chinese Authorities Arresting Muslim minorities are published on Vice.

These are the 48 things a Muslims will be arrested if he or she does it;

  1. Owning a Tent.
  2. Stopping others from swearing.
  3. Talking to someone who has visited any other country.
  4. Owning any welding equipment.
  5. Stopping others from committing a sin.
  6. Owning additional Food.
  7. Having breakfast before the sunrise.
  8. Having contacts with anyone from a foriegn country.
  9. Owning a Compass.
  10. Having an argument with Government official.
  11. Publically claiming that China is inferior to any other country.
  12. Owning Knives.
  13. Starting a petition that complains about the Government officials.
  14. Having more than 4 children.
  15. Stopping form Alcohol.
  16. Stopping Government officials to eat your food, live in your house and sleep in your bed.
  17. Using a VPN.
  18. Stopping from Smoking.
  19. Not having Governmental ID on yourself.
  20. Using Whatsapp.
  21. Acting sad or crying publically if your parents or loved one dies.
  22. Stopping Government officials from taking your DNA.
  23. Watching a Hollywood or Bollywood movie.
  24. Wearing a headscarf in front of the Chinese flag.
  25. Wearing a Hijab publically (If you’re under 45 years of age).
  26. Visiting mosque. Offering Salah. Fasting during Ramadan.
  27. Listening to Islamic Scholars. Stopping Government officials from scan your irises.
  28. Stopping Government officials from stealing your smartphone data.
  29. Stopping Government officials from recording your voice.
  30. Speaking any language other than Chinese in school.
  31. Speaking any language other than Chinese in office.
  32. Using Skype or WeChat to talk to anyone abroad.
  33. Wearing a Shirt having Arabic letters on it.
  34. Having a long beard.
  35. Wearing any clothes which represent Islam.
  36. Not attending ReEducation classes.
  37. Not attending the Chinese flag raising ceremonies.
  38. Not attending public struggle events, Public humiliation of someone who goes against the government.
  39. Refusing to meet your family if they do not attend Public Struggle Events.
  40. Trying to commit suicide when police take you under arrest.
  41. Trying to commit suicide when asked to go to reeducation camps.
  42. Performing an Islamic funeral.
  43. Inviting your relatives to stay at your home without taking the Police’s permission.
  44. Be related to anyone who has done the things we discussed above.
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