Hijabi Muslim Women Openly Harassed And Abused On Street, Watch Video

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Hijabi Muslim Women Openly Harassed and it’s been recorded and taped live. Everyone sad quietly took no action even after being video went viral on social media.

The video appeared on social media and went viral on the internet, which is being viewed by every single person on the internet. But even after it went viral no action was taken.

Watch This Video of Hijabi Muslim Women Openly Harassed while going to her home, Heartbreaking!

This is indeed a heartbreaking situation where a woman being harassed openly and the other people enjoyed and recorded her humiliation and felt proud while making such a big sin. People are trying to track down the area to capture the culprits but still, there is no development about this case.

The location of this video is still unknown, but this video shows the surroundings of the area where it had happened. and people hoped to track down the area so they can capture the culprits who have done this horrendous crime with this innocent woman who was going home after buying household stuff.

Hijab is an Islamic women’s handkerchief that hides the figure, wrists, and neck of a woman. According to the Qur’an, the nature of man and woman is the same: he and she can achieve the highest perfection. However, their sexual, mental and emotional differences determine their different social and legal rights and responsibilities, and although in many cases their situation is the same, the woman has superiority.

Throughout history, human passions have led and continue to lead to riots, wars, nervous tensions, behavioral disruptions, and now they are a means of imposing and dominating alien culture and politics, as well as promoting the consumer society. Hijab exists to contain human passions and to establish spiritual and peace of mind in society.


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