Hajj 2017: Pilgrims in Mina in preparation for Arafah

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Hajj 2017: The flow of pilgrims of the House of God to Mina Wednesday, the eighth of Dhu al- Hijjah to spend the day perfusion and then overnight in Mina before heading Arafa Thursday to perform Corner Hajj Great, a stand Arafah.

The start of pilgrims after the call to Morocco Thursday Nafrah to Muzdalifah to collect stones before their trip to Mina to spend the Day of Sacrifice (Eid al – Adha) and then the three days of Tashreeq and stoning and to Mecca to perform the two pillars of wandering House Haram and seek between Safa and Marwa. Some pilgrims chose to navigate on foot.

A spokesman for the Interior Ministry confirmed Saudi Arabia, more than a hundred thousand security personnel are working to secure the rites in the various stages and locations.

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It is noteworthy that the pilgrims of Qatar absent from performing the Hajj this year for the first time because of obstruction by the Saudi authorities in front of them. The Saudi authorities blocked network Al Jazeera from covering the pilgrimage where the network closed offices in Saudi territory in late May / May last without any justification.

Hajj 2017 – Million pilgrims

was quoted Anatolia news agency reported from Saudi authorities that number pilgrims who arrived in Mecca until Wednesday afternoon reached about million and 958 thousand pilgrims.

The French news agency says that two years of a stampede killed more than 2,300 people confirms Saudi authorities they strengthen all security and service capacity for success hajj season and prepare any emergency after.

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According to the agency, told Reuters news agency that victims stampede in 2015 mounted about 800 pilgrims, according to figures Saudi Arabia, but statistics conducted countries of bodies received indicate that more than two thousand people have died including more than 400 Iranians.

On the other hand, Reuters says that some pilgrims went to Mina Wednesday on foot and others moved in buses, while traffic police used loudspeakers to guide crowds.

Source and Cover Photo: Al-Jazeera

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