Fraser Anning, an Australian Senator Blames Muslims For New Zealand Mosque Terror Attack

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Sydney: Fraser Anning an Australian Senator has blamed Muslims for the Terrorist attack on Mosque on Friday which caused the deaths of 50 Muslims in Christchurch in New Zealand.

The Christchurch attack on Muslim mosque is labeled as one of the deadliest incidents ever happened in the western country, witnesses gave the explanation that the Muslims in the mosque were shot with very close range, injuring and killing women and children included.

While condemning the heartbreaking incident Fraser said that terror attack highlights the increasing fear in New Zealand and Australian increasing Muslim population.

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The senator also criticized that the Immigration program allowed “Muslim Fanatics” to enter in New Zealand.

As per the reports, the terrorist has been identified as Brenton Tarrant, who is also an Australian national who is live stramed all the details of this horrible attack on Muslim Musque, Al Noor Mosque, which is also known as the “Peaceful Mosque”

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New Zealand prime minister has labelled this incident as a “Terrorist Attack”.

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Md. Samiul Bashar

Fraser Anning, an Australian SenatoR is supporting the terrorism and one of terrorist. So I’m requesting Australian people to boycott him and kick him out from Australian politics.


God forgive all the ppl who are ill informed about the religion of Islam. I think he forgets his ancestors are from the UK, so it makes him an immigrant child just like me in the UK. Show love not promote hate, that’s an Islamic, Christian and other religions message from the holy books ( Quran, Bibble)..
Ppl need to realise that the world is ours, not his or hers, migration only enriches communities to make a great society like Christchurch… God bless

Hamba Allah

yes, he is terrorist! he support terrorist!he is not belong to any of this world! kick him out! on behalf of muslim from asia region!


Being a muslim are not a crime…
Being one believers of each region is a freedom.
And a person with a small mind a leader that emphasize that religion is a terrorist and provoker of violence he/she is the terrorist killed his nation by provoking hates to his people. You don’t have a right to be a leader if you hates your people living with in your constituents.


He’s not a gunman … he’s a bloody terrorist…

naushad Ahmed

blame your f**king family

Nicola Holness

Fraser Annibg should be charged with GBH by the young Lad the senator looks the complete Thug

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