Is Calling People With Their Nicknames Is Allowed In Islam?

nick names in islam allowed haram

Nicknames might seem funny and funky, but in reality, it is the harsh thing you would do to another person as it is not allowed in Islam!

In Islam, calling a person from his or her original name describes his or her identity. In Asian culture, especially in India or Pakistani, we name each other as Guddu, Raju etc. making their original identity hidden!

What Kind of nicknames are Not Allowed In Islam?

We mostly name our friends on their weaknesses, for example, if someone is not good with their education we start calling him or her “Hey, Duffer!” and eventually, it becomes their name in their friends’ circle which almost lasts forever.

nick names islam hadith

We also talked about Women using their Husband’s name after marriage issue as well, Names can also have an impact on a person’s life, In Islam, it is suggested when a baby is born, you have to name as per Islamic principles, and upon Islamic personalities.

nick names islam quran

What Are Kinds Of Nicknames Allowed In Islam?

Then we come to the point of what kind of Nicknames are okay in Islam. The wrong nicknames were calling a person, “Dumb, Stinky, Shorty etc.” but here we will talk about the names that are allowed, such as “Abu Hurayrah” whose real name was “Ad-Dawsi Alzahrani”, the nickname to him was given by Muhammad (PBUH). As per Wikipedia, he was also named “Abd al-Rahman” by Muhammad (PBUH).

Similarly to that, Abu Bakr (RA)’s name was “Abdallah bin Abi Quḥafah”, and “Abu Bakr” was given to him as a nickname by Muhammad (PBUH). And Uthman Ibn Affan (RA) was called “Zun-noorain” (Owner of two lights) by Muhammad (PBUH).


We should call each other with respect, and name nicknames that are insulting are indeed prohibited under the light of the Quran and Hadith, as quoted above. Give each other nicknames that are rather respectful, as our Prophet (PBUH) gave to Abu Bakr (RA), Abu Hurayrah (RA), and Uthman Ibn Affan (RA).

If you still call any of your friends with a short harsh name, then you are committing a sin! And if you feel the nickname should be given, then try giving that person a good name, as our Prophet (PBUH) gave.

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.


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