Can a Muslim Read The Bible?

It is not permissible for Muslims to read the Bible because of the changes in the scripture.
Muslim Read The Bible
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It is not permissible for Muslims to read the bible.

Islam reveres its original holy texts. These texts include the Torah, Gospel, and Zabor. They are believed to be divine revelations. Muslims accept them as messages from Allah. These messages contain guidance. They cover life’s rules and the afterlife’s secrets.

Is Reading the Bible Permissible for Muslims?

Over time, these texts have changed. They’ve been altered from their original forms. This raises a serious issue.


  • The Changes in the Scriptures can Mislead.
  • Islamic scholars, like Shaykh Abd Al-Aziz ibn Baz, advise caution. They warn against reading these modified texts. The concern is clear. Altered scriptures could mislead.
  • They might cause believers to doubt the truth. Or, they could lead to false beliefs. The Quran remains unchanged. It is seen as enough for Muslims’ spiritual needs.

Bottom Line

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) showed disapproval. He did this when he saw a part of the altered Torah. He was with `Umar (may Allah be pleased with him). He affirmed the Quran’s completeness. He indicated its message was pure and sufficient.

For most Muslims, reading the Bible is not recommended. The risk of being misguided is too high.

If one has altered scriptures, they should be treated with respect. They should be buried or burned. This is how to properly dispose of them. Islamic scholars are an exception.

They can read these texts. But only for certain reasons. They might want to correct wrong ideas. Or they might compare the texts to highlight the Quran’s virtues.

In essence, Islam respects the original revelations. But due to changes, Muslims must be careful. The Quran is a reliable source of divine guidance. It has not been altered. For all matters of faith and practice, Muslims must look into the Holy Quran.

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