Is it Haram or Halal to Work in the Fashion Industry?

Fashion Industry

Clothing, design, and personal expression are all part of the fashion industry. This article investigates whether it is allowed for Muslims to work in the fashion industry, taking into account modesty and ethical considerations in Islamic teachings.

Is it Permissible to Work in the Fashion Industry?

The permissibility of working in the fashion industry for Muslims depends on various factors.

It is important to assess the specific context of the work, adhere to modesty and ethical values, and avoid activities that contradict Islamic principles.

Seeking guidance from knowledgeable scholars is crucial to ensure that one maintains Islamic values while pursuing a career in this industry.


  • The Hadith from Sahih Muslim (2128) emphasizes the significance of remaining modest and refraining from immodest behavior. It encourages Muslims to dress and act in accordance with Islamic values
  • Fatwas (religious judgments) have been made by Islamic scholars about the permissibility of working in the fashion industry. These Fatwas consider factors such as adherence to modesty, ethical values, and the promotion of indecency when determining the permissibility of specific roles within the industry.

Bottom Line

The permissibility of working in the fashion industry for Muslims is contingent upon context and adherence to Islamic values. While certain segments of the industry, such as modest fashion, may align with Islamic principles, others may contradict them.

Muslims should prioritize modesty, and ethical conduct, and avoid activities that promote indecency or involve unlawful practices when considering a career in the fashion industry.

Got a question? Feel free to ask mufti and get quick answers.


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