Farewell Ramadan Jummah, Saying Goodbye To Ramadan with Duas

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Finally, today is the day of Farewell Ramadan Jummah, where we prayed the last Jummah of this year. We shall pray, make dua, and pray extra rakahs.

Ramadan is leaving us very soon as most of us will be celebrating Eid al Fitr in few days. Hoping Ramadan will come against next year InshaAllah to light our stressful monotonous daily routine lives.

We have been receiving a great number of questions related to what to pray, and what tasbeeh one should read during this day as this Friday holds higher importance in Ramadan as it marks the end of the Holy Month Ramadan.

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Prayers on Farewell Ramadan Jummah (Alvida Jummah)

There are no specific numbers mentioned for all of us to pray, but it is important for all of us to pray as much as we can. Because praying is the form of worshipping Allah, and Allah doubles the reward when one prays during Ramadan. So, you can pray as much as you can but pray with all your heart, even if just 2 Rakats.

Duas for Farewell Ramadan Jummah (Alvida Jummah)

Let’s pray together;

  • Ya Allah whoever is reading this, Make him/her sorrows, worries and depression goes away.
  • Ya Allah whoever is reading this, Make him/her Parents, Spouse, siblings save from all type of evil eye.
  • Ya Allah whoever is reading this, Make him/her a good Muslim. And allow us to follow the path of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
  • Ya Allah whoever is reading this, Accept his/her duas, fasting and all the prayers done by him/her in this holy month of Ramadan.
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