Is Child Marriage Allowed In Islam ? – Find Out Now!

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Is child marriage Allowed in Islam? a common question raised by many people all around the world including Muslims too, so where is your answer;

If the query is related to Islamic Law (Sharia), the reply is, age doesn’t matter. For a daughter to be married, she must have gotten puberty, and be prepared (physically & mentally) for a sexual connection, bearing children and beginning a family. So, if some sort of genetic change affected a girl to hit puberty at two, and be a fully grown up young female at three, with the psychological state of a grown-up, then there is nothing in Sharia to question with her getting married at that stage. If on the further hand, an additional girl had an altered change that marks her hit puberty at age 20, then marrying her at age 19 is child marriage, and forbidden by Sharia. If a fully full-grown lady has a mental illness, and acts like a 7 years old, and cannot emotionally take the concept of sex, bearing children and beginning a family of her own, then also, marrying her is forbidden.

If the query is about laws in Islamic nations, it varies by country. For instance, it’s 20 in Tunisia, 18 in Sudan, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Iraq and West Sahara, 16 & 15 in unlike nations in the Levant area, 9 in Yemen, 12 in Iran and no present law in Saudi Arabia and Oman. For a full supply, check out the age of agreement age map. Though, if a girl is nine years old in Yemen, and hasn’t got to puberty, marrying her is OK by the Yemeni national law, but it isn’t OK with Islamic law. This is somewhat that must be measured.

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I would like to simplify some facts. First of all, for a marriage to be lawful (agreeing to Sharia), there must be genuine consent from the woman/girl getting married, and for the agreement to be truthful, she must know very well what marriage is. This means that she must be developed enough to comprehend the idea of marriage and sex, and her parent/guardian cannot force her to get married.

An alternative point that needs to be simplified is that I have overgeneralized the first part of my reply. I have stated a purely imaginary situation where a girl touches menses at age 2, or not touch it until 20, but that is innocently imaginary, and Islamic academics have an additional claim. Since, generally, girls touch menses concerning ages nine and fifteen, Islamic scholars ponder menses beforehand the age of nine as false menses, reason is that they will ruminate such a girl as presently a child, but might be having this situation due to roughly illness or hormonal fault. Such a situation, she is still a child, and can not ever get married. Also, the other circumstance where menses is late, this might also be due to some disease and be forbidding an adult woman from getting married because she still didn’t menstruate can’t be done.

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My imaginary situations were seeing if the 2 years old girl touch puberty, and develop a matured woman, with an awareness of an undeveloped woman, who obviously know marriage and sex (not just have menses due to a hormonal flaw), then it can be reflected that she can get married (though most if not all Islamic professors will still reflect this child marriage).

The situation of the 20 years old girl expected that she’s still with the sense of a child, viewing Dora the Explorer and Power Puff Girls at age 19, then she can not get married because she is still (in her sense) a child. Though, if this is linked to an illness, as cited formerly, then she should not be forbidden from getting married if she wants to.

Islam does not allow Child Marriage at all!



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