Rise in Number of Attacks on Australian Mosques in Adelaide

Two mosques in Australia suffered arson attacks, the foreign minister calls out to everyone to stand up against Islamophobia.
Masjid Omar Bin Alkhattab ADELAIDE Mosque
Image Credit: denisbin

ADELAIDE – Following the arson attack, Mr Penny Wong posted on social media stressing the importance of banning hate speeches and taking strict actions against racism. Australia has seen a rise in Islamophobia particularly after the recent Israel – Hamas conflict.

Penny Wong, Australia’s Foreign Ministry, urged all citizens to stand up against Islamophobia last week after South Australia suffered two arson attacks on the prestigious mosque.

The recent shocking incident occurred in the northern part of Adelaide in Mosque Al Khalil when an unknown person set a gas cylinder on fire creating chaos. The incident was reported immediately after getting confirmation from the South Australian Islamic Society.

Another incident that unfolded on October 19th took place at the Marion Mosque where the grass fire was set deliberately as per the reports.

Marion Mosque in Adelaide
Image Credit: Ahmed Naseem

The investigation team’s proceedings are underway however as per the relevant authorities the incident of fire doesn’t seem to be connected with Islamophobia or any act of hate or racism.

Following these incidents, Penny expressed her views on Social Media of the alleged arson attacks on Tuesday. She stressed the importance of calling out any hate speech or act of racism along with requesting all political leaders to stand up against Islamophobia.

Moreover, following the devastating Israel-Hamas conflict on 7th October, tensions rose in Australia when some Pro-Palestine protests reported anti-Semitic chants that were completely condemned by the other community.

The Islamic body of Australia is keen to speak against the following acts and has stated that such acts are completely unacceptable.

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