After 15 Years, A Brother Unites With His Sister In Mina

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Without being planned or even suspected, two siblings from Palestine who had been separated for 15 years finally unites at Mina, Mecca on the Eid al-Adha, last Friday.

Palestine has been facing a huge amount of bloodshed for over several decades now. And because of all this war and innocent deaths, forced Samir to leave the country. His life was under a lot of pressure, that he almost skipped his death from Palestine and decided to flee.

Having not enough means for his sister, Bushra, she could not make her way towards his brother to Australia. But who knew Allah wrote their meeting on a beautiful day and on a beautiful occasion.

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brother sister united mina
Photo Credit: alodunia.com

Bushra was one of the Palestinians who had the opportunity to carry out the Hajj at the invitation of King Salman. She is from a family of Palestinian martyrs. Bushra has a brother, Samir who had to flee to Australia about 15 years ago after his life had a thread. Without being regulated, even suspected, both can meet in the holy land, on a holy day.

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Photo Credit: alodunia.com

According to Samir, he did not know that his sister, Bushra was included in the list of King Salman’s guest Hajj pilgrims. Only two hours before the meeting, he knew the whereabouts of his missed sister in the same place.

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Finally, Samir rushed to find his sister with the help of an officer at Mina, Makkah. The unexpected meeting finally occurred after Samir was almost desperate to find his sister.

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Photo Credit: alodunia.com

While Bushra said, “I never thought Allah unites me with my brother at the most sacred place, on the first day of Eid al-Adha that began. It turns out that Allah Taala has arranged this wonderful meeting.”

This was an incredible scene to witness, it was one of the most overwhelming experience which brought tears to the eyes of many.


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