Why Muslims Can’t Kill Ants Even If It Bites Us?

Why We Cant Kill Ants Even If It Bites Us

Ants are one of the most persistent animals in working. Ants are considered an extraordinary animal in Islam that it is mentioned in the Qur’an, even an entire surah named after it, Surah An Naml.

Hadith literature also explains the status of ants in Islam by telling of how Prophet Muhammad SAW forbids Muslims to kill four kinds of animals, which are ants, bees, Hudhud (birds), and Suradi (hawk-like a sparrow). [Hadith Ahmad 3066, Abu Daud 5267 and were validated by Syuaib Al-Arnauth]

Do you know that our habit of killing ants when they bite us is wrong?

It is forbidden to kill ants, no matter how small it is, as it is living creatures. Besides that, it turns out that ant bites have many positive impacts. That’s why we should thank the ants that gnaw at us.

Here are the benefits of ant’s pinch :

  • An ant’s pinch is capable of stimulating blood circulation and increasing the number of red blood cells, which is reflected in the body’s activity and vitality.
  • The pinch of ants can activate neurons in the brain through sensory signals that are transmitted from the place bitten by the ant to sensory cells located at the bottom of the brain.
  • Alobhat proved that if a human body is exposed to more than one pinch in the same place and around the same time, it will specifically be exposed to cirrhosis of the skin; this also applies to ant bites.
  • Cirrhosis itself is a condition where the skin becomes more resistant to bacteria because the skin has become more tolerant to high temperatures.
  • In some cases, pinching on any part of the body can encourage blood coagulation, which helps to form blood clotting.
  • A layer of blood is somewhat of blood Addama, giving the blood vessels the ability to withstand the harshest toxins, thereby helping to decrease the work of the liver.
  • An ant’s pinch is one of the best ways to diet. Ants (females) will secrete a large amount of ionic saliva, which can burn fat in the pinched organ. For example, if an ant bites an arm, this saliva will gradually spread throughout the arm and will burn 99% of the fats contained in the arm.

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