3 Things To Do After Every Fard Prayer (Salah)

Things To Do After Every Fard Prayer

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These are three things that every Muslim should be doing after performing every fard (Farz) prayer (salah).

This is something that will double your reward and make you earn more sawab.

1. Recite Ayat ul Kursi

ayat ul kursi hadith

First of all, you should recite Ayat ul Kursi because it is a sunnah to recite it.

2. Recite The Tasbeeh

tasbih after namaz

Recite the tasbeeh, and this includes SunahAllah (Allah is free from imperfections) for 33 times, Alhamdullilah (All praise to Allah) for 33 times and lastly, Allah Hu Akber (Allah is the greatest) for 33 times.

3. Recite The Kalima

It is great to recite the shahadah after your offer the salah.

The whole process would take just a few minutes to complete and earn you a great reward.

Do share this with your friends and family, forward this to them on their WhatsApp or email, if they recite it, you will earn rewards.

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