These Are The Punishments For Those Who Do Not Fast In Ramadan

These Are The Punishments For Those Who Do Not Fast In Ramadan

Fast is one of the five pillars described in Islam, as we know it holds the highly important but on the other hand, we have to know the dark truth!

We want to discuss the endowments and excellencies that a decent deed should convey us however what we neglect to recognize are the results if that deed is not refined prescribed. Islam gives the viewpoint from both sides of a photo. It either gives uprightness of the deed well done or it guarantees discipline if it’s left incomplete.

In the sacred month of Ramadan, practically every Muslim ensures that they accomplish the greatest number of gifts as they can so that this month goes satisfied. Be that as it may, there those individuals also who don’t quick in Ramadan despite the fact that they’re solidness and healthy. The question emerges that what disciplines are settled for the individuals who don’t quick in this sacred month, with no legitimate reason?

Five Pillars of Islam;

  1. Shahada
  2. Salat
  3. Zakat
  4. Swam (Fast)
  5. Hajj

Allah Subhan-O-Ta’ala reveals to us that fasting in Ramadan is one of the five mainstays of Islam and that He has recommended fasts for the adherents of this Ummah as He endorsed for those before us.

Al-Baqarah 2-183

Allah has made everything considerably less demanding for every one of us. He shows gave His benevolence of not fasting just for the individuals who are either wiped out or voyaging.

Al-Baqarah 2185

Also, Al-Dhahabi said in al-Kabaa’ir, p. 64. that

Al-Dhahabi said in al-Kabaair p 64

As per a saheeh report which cautions against not fasting was described by Ibn Khuzaymah (1986) and Ibn Hibbaan (7491) from Abu Umaamah al-Baahili who stated:

Saheeh Mawaarid al-Zam’aan, no. 1509

In the event that that is the discipline for the individuals who broke their fasts before nightfall, envision the rage for the individuals who don’t quick by any means. As Muslims, we ought to dependably fear the fierce discipline of Allah and ask for absolution. Not fasting in Ramadan places you in grave threat since you’ve spurned one of the mainstays of Islam.

Allah Subhan-O-Ta’ala wherein one situation portrays such agonizing disciplines, He compensates those individuals immensely who fast the entire month of Ramadan, only for His purpose. Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) says,

Bukhaari, 7492; Muslim, 1151.

We trust and ask that the individuals who are well and very solid won’t leave fasts pointlessly in Ramadan this year since Allah has extraordinary prizes for the individuals who are dutiful to Him.

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