Scientists Discovered Earth Core Which Quran Proved 1400 Years Ago

Earth Core
Photo: SCMP

Scientists recently announced that they had discovered the existence of a solid metal ball at the center of the Earth.

The announcement of the breakthrough discovery comes after the existence of Earth’s solid metallic core has been debated within the scientific community for years.

Thanh-Son Phạm and Hrvoje Tkalčić discovered the dense metal core by studying specific earthquakes and monitoring seismic waves reverberating around the planet.

Not only were they able to confirm the existence of this dense metallic core, also known as the “inner core” or IMIC, but they also made another surprising discovery.

They estimate that the inner metal core is about 800 miles in diameter. The size is equal to almost one percent of the volume of the Earth, which means it is much larger than other scientists previously predicted.

all cores of earth
Photo: ZME Science

In an interview with The Washington Post, Thanh-Son Phạm explained that the inner core might be different from the molten core even though both are made of the same material as the liquid core; still, this solid metal core may have other properties.

It is because the way the atoms are packed in the two regions is slightly different, which means that seismic waves travel through them at different speeds.

Not only could this answer scientists’ curiosity, but the discovery of a core in this dense metal at the center of the Earth could also be vital in shedding light on the evolution of life on the surface of our planet. From the metal’s inner core, we can also understand how life evolved on Earth because it may hold important clues about the past.

Quran Proved It 1400 Years Ago!

This scientist’s latest discovery also proves the truth that the Quran been mentioned thousands of years ago.

More than 1400 years ago, the Holy Quran in Surah Mulk verse 3 and Surah Ath talaq verse 12 had previously stated that the Earth has seven layers, just like the seven skies.

In Hadiths

Let’s examine the hadiths of the Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam. We will also find a hadith that confirms the existence of 7 layers of the Earth, meaning seven layers, some of which cover other parts. (Narrated by Muslim No. 3024).

The Quran and hadiths have preceded modern science in revealing this scientific fact. Apart from that, the Quran has also given us a precise explanation of the Earth’s structure by using the word thibaqan.

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