Is it permissible to hit children for the sake of education?

Is it permissible to hit children for the sake of education

The role of teachers is important in shaping the child’s mind. Teachers have an impact on the development of their talents and their intellect. Due to the teachers, the beautiful thinking of the child is formed. But what if the child-student is brutally beaten?

For example, we saw the news of the brutal persecution of a madrasa in Bangladesh in the media. The truth is that child abuse is often present in all primary education systems in our country.

Why this happens and how this problem can be solved – the Board of Education and the policymakers can take steps in this regard. Tough decisions can be made to suppress these.

Is it permissible to hit children for the sake of education?

Islamic scholars have called out publically that “Children trust in the necks of parents. They must strive and ensure their care, discipline, and upbringing of good and upright.”

The Islamic scholars stated that “Islam is the religion of mercy and it is commanded to be kind,” and advised against hitting children.”

The Islamic scholars have stated, “We are advising teachers not to hit children because that promotes hate and anger and Prophet Muhammad PBUH also forbade hitting or insulting children, especially hitting their face.

Let’s dive into a more detailed discussion about Prophet’s (PBUH) warning about beating children;

Anger brings much damage

Angry and grumpy teachers are always on the list of students’ dislikes. In many cases, the students became restless because of their rude attitude. Students are victims of cruelty. This is clear injustice and oppression. This anger at one time brings evil and various dangers.

Narrated from one of the Companions;

do not be angry hadith

To die unjustly is a sin and a crime

It is not permissible to beat a child or anyone else unjustly. The Prophet (PBUH) issued a stern warning about this. In a hadith narrated from Abu Hurairah (RA);

hadith about beating or hitting someone

Mufti Muhammad Shafi (RA) said that beating children is very horrible. Other sins can be forgiven through repentance. But if children are abused, it is not easy to get forgiveness. Because it is the rights of slaves. And the rights of slaves are not forgiven only through repentance. We have to apologize to those whose rights have been violated. Meanwhile, cruelty to a minor child is a big crime.

Also, the pardon of a minor is not acceptable in the eyes of the Shariah. It is tough to get forgiveness for this crime. So be very careful and cautious about beating and abusing children. (Islahi Majalis, Mufti Taqi Usmani)

Everyone needs to learn from the glorious hadith of the Prophet (PBUH). In the light of that teaching, teachers should change their way of governing. Let the teaching method be wonderful and sweet.

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