127 Indian Muslims Falsely Charged With Terrorism, Freed After 19 years

jail door Indian Muslims Falsely Charged

127 Indian Muslims who were falsely charged with terrorism charges acquitted after 19 long years, few of them died during this.

Mohammad Abdul Hai boarded a train from Jodhpur in northwestern, a state in India’s Rajasthan, to Surat city, to attend a three-day seminar regarding Muslim education 2001 during the night of 26th of December.

Hai was an associate professor at Jodhpur Jai Narain Vyas University. The All India Minority Education board organized that seminar.

The next day At Rajeshree Hall, the Police arrived at 11 pm approximately in Surta, a closed film theatre where Hai and 120 other people stayed to attend the seminar.

The police banned the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) for organizing the meeting to promote and expand SIMIs activities. Under various sections, they were arrested by police due to the unlawful activities (prevention) act (UAPA) which was a stringent anti-terror law, and they were also charged.

A total 127 number of Muslims were arrested.

On Sunday, a court in Surat acquitted all of the accused cases more than 19 years after they were booked, but five died along with the long trial.

The Indian authorities accused SIMI due to carrying out different bombings and links with groups belonging to Pakistan. The groups said that the Muslims of India merely propagate an Islamic way of life. Still, hundreds of its alleged members were arrested.

In 2001, SIMI was banned by the Indian government due to the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in the United States.

The prosecution had failed to produce cogent reliable, and satisfactory evidence to make the accused belong to SIMI or gathered to promote the group’s activities. In the order of 6th march on the Surat court.

Many Indian Muslims in the past few decades have been booked in bogus in terror-related cases, in which most of them resulted in an acquittal of the accused. But years before, the victims have been spending years facing court trials and jails.

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