First Islamic School For Muslim Transgenders Open in Bangladesh

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Local charity has opened an Islamic school for Transgender Muslims in Bangladesh.

Dawatul Koran Tritioy Lingo Madrasa is the name of the school founded by Abdur Rahman Azad opened it in Dhaka.

Students will get lessons from Hadiths and will learn Quran.

Azad opened this Islamic school for transgensder Muslims as they face great amount of discrimination.

Courses are offered the government approved syllabus.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Maasha Allah. A Real Welcome Move by the Bangladesh Brethren for a community which has so long been ostracized by our stupid society for no fault of theirs. Allah Has Created them with some inborn defects According to His Universal Plan. By denying them their Rights, we are going against Allah’s Taqdeer/Qadr.

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