What Does Islam Say About Gossiping and Backbiting?

two people gossiping and backbiting

Backbiting refers to speaking ill of a person in their absence, attacking their character, or reputation, or revealing their private matters without their consent.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

It includes both false information (slandering) and true information (backbiting). Islam categorizes backbiting as a major sin, as it promotes enmity, discord, and dishonor among people.

As per the teachings of Islam, the importance of controlling one’s tongue and avoiding harmful speech is emphasized. Gossiping or backbiting in Islam is considered a big sin as they cause harm not only to individuals but to society as well.


  • Sahih Muslim 2589, Book 45, Hadith 91: This hadith emphasizes the importance of refraining from backbiting or gossiping.
  • Surah al Hujurat 49:12 and Surah An-Nur 24:19: As per these Quranic verses, it is informed those who derive pleasure from spreading scandal among the believers will face severe consequences in both this life and the Hereafter.

These hadiths and Quranic verses highlight the gravity of backbiting and emphasize the need to refrain from speaking ill of others. By adhering to these teachings, we can foster a society based on integrity, compassion, and unity, where backbiting is replaced with uplifting and positive conversations.

Bottom Line

Backbiting and gossiping are big sins in Islam, as emphasized by Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the Quranic verses. The Quranic verses condemn negative assumptions, spying, and backbiting, drawing attention to the repugnance of consuming the flesh of one’s brother.

The hadiths provide clear definitions of backbiting and caution against engaging in it, even if the statements made are true. As Muslims, it is essential to guard our tongues and avoid speaking ill of others, cultivating a culture of respect and kindness.

By adhering to these teachings, we can foster unity, compassion, and a society built on integrity, free from the destructive effects of backbiting and gossiping.

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