12 Important Sunnahs Every Muslim Should Follow

12 Important Sunnahs Every Muslim Should Follow

There are numerous important sunnahs that Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) has left for us to keep an eye on. But, these are the 12 main important Sunnahs which grips the higher quantity of incentive, are being conversed in this editorial.

1. Waking and Sleeping Early

These days the sleeping timetable has gone into depths, especially in teens. Which clues to depression and stress. Fajr is the holiest time of the day, if one awakens at Fajr and offer prayers then he/she will feel meditate and calm.

2. Always Smile

All of us know, the world we live in gives us the hard time, but our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has educated us to face all with a smile, this also means that you need to be positive even in the times of anxiety.

3. Using Miswak

If we see a scientific theme of view, Miswak or Siwak has many profits for our teeth and gums. Even, in the West, it is being sold as “Natural Toothbrush”. Miswak supports in eradicating Plague from teeth and makes gum tougher. Our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) revealed it a thousand years ago what scientists just revealed.

4. Oiling Hair

Public today is facing hair loss, which can be an opposing effect of rising stress which is becoming widespread all over the world. Oiling hair can relief you not to lose the attractive hair you have.

5. Maintaining Rule in Eating

Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) has set us 1/3rd rule in eating. Which recommends that your meals should be well-adjusted as in do not overeat, which could lead to other kinds of stuff like acidity or vomit, or do not under-eat, which could lead one’s body to the dimness. So, eat agreeing to your need.

6. Being Quiet and Speaking Good

People usually debate and doesn’t speak a decent language. People today feel proud of abusive other humans by using severe language when they speak. A wise person usually keeps quiet when he/she sees that the other person will not understand them.

7. Cupping

Cupping has a lot of paybacks, if your exploration about cupping, then you will discover many pieces of training supporting Cupping. It also cleans the body and makes one feel fit. It’s reflected to be one of the most important Sunnahs educated by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

8. Paying Visit To A Sick Person

The entire world knows about this education of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), for me, this Sunnah grips the higher spot as associated with other Sunnahs.

9. Sit When You Drink or Eat

When you eat or drink while standing it leaves disastrous effects on your body, as well as it’s measured as ill manners. Sitting when you eat or drink makes one feel calm as well as it helps in the absorption of food.

10. Sleeping on Right Side

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the most popular person in the history of Islam. His sunnahs explain to us how one should live his/her life. So sleeping on the right side has a lot of knowledge in it which people can not reject.

11. Salam And Bismillah Before Entering A House

Beginning things with the name of ALLAH makes it stress-free for everyone. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) explains us to follow these simple things to get more incentive.

12. Three Knots

  1. Untie the first knot by WAKING UP.
  2. Untie the second knot by MAKING WUDU.
  3. Untie the third one by PRAYING FAJR.

Try to follow these important Sunnahs and spread this information!

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