62 Hajj Pilgrims Died During Hajj 2019

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29 Hajj Pilgrims from Bangladesh, 28 from Turkey whereas 5 Hajj Pilgrims from Nigeria have died during hajj 2019.

As per the latest reports, the death toll has now risen to 62 as Turkish media has announced that 28 pilgrims from Turkey have also lost the battle of their lives while performing Hajj, Ali Erbaş, head of Turkey’s Religious Affairs Directorate confirmed the report.

Ali Erbas didn’t confirm the reason for their deaths. Since there were no mishaps during Hajj 2019 season, so we can assume they died due to health issues.

Most of these Hajj Pilgrims who died this year were over 60 years of age. Of 29 Bangladeshi Hajj pilgrims, 26 were men and 3 were the women. One of them died in a horrific road accident and the other fell from a hill. And the elderly ones died of heart attack, kidney failures, and strokes.

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Before that 145 Hajj pilgrims died in 2018 and 162 died in 2019 and 191 in 2016, told councilor (Hajj-Makkah), Muhammad Maqsudur Rahman.

He further said that mostly elder hajis died due to their health problems. He also said that Bangladeshi representatives worked round the clock to give treatment to everyone and had adequate medicines to treat them.

Whereas the Nigerian hajj pilgrims died while climbing mountain. The doctor later confirmed that the Nigerian Hajj pilgrims had very high blood pressure.

Out of those 5 Nigerian Hajj pilgrims, three were men and two were women. All died of heart attack and lung diseases.

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May Allah grant them Jannah.

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