Menstruation During Umrah or Hajj

Menstruating women can perform all rituals of the pilgrimage except Tawaf.
Menstruation umrah hajj
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Menstruating women can continue performing the rituals of Umrah or Hajj, except for tawaf.

A lot of women face such issue of getting their menses while they’re making their Umrah or Hajj journey. A hadith explains it quite well.

However, it is suggested to make the Umrah journey according to your period date, to make the entire journey easy for you, it is important to talk to your husband or mother to collaborate.

As for Hajj, since the dates are fixed and can’t be changed, you can continue making your way towards Hajj.

Some people also recommend getting tablets, which obviously one can take after doctor’s prescription, as self medication is highly discouraged.

Menstruating women can’t perform Tawaf (the circumambulation of Kaaba)

Menstruating women cannot circumambulate the Kaaba (doing Tawaf). There is a hadith in which Aishah (R.A.) was performing the farewell pilgrimage with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She got her menses before she could enter Makkah; the Prophet (PBUH) did not stop her from entering Makkah.

But he (PBUH) ordered her to complete all the Hajj rituals except for Tawaf (circulation around the Kaaba), which he had to delay until she became pure. (Sahih Bukhari, 305).


The reason Tawaf is prohibited is that it comes under the main mosque sanctuary.

The wisdom behind this ruling is respect for the rituals performed during pilgrimage. Understandably, menstruation is a natural process; however, some rituals require purity during the pilgrimage.

Pilgrimage Rituals Requires Purity

Menstruation is impure, as per Islamic teachings. However, from a health perspective, it is a blessing for women. There are some rituals performed during Umrah and Hajj that require an individual to be pure. These acts include Tawaf around the Kaaba as well.

Acts of Worship to perform during Menstruation

It is important to note that though a menstruating woman is not allowed to perform Tawaf, she can engage in other acts of worship.

She can make dua and supplications and participate in rituals that don’t require purity; she can make dhikr and give Sadaqah too.

If the menstruation for women starts during Hajj or Umrah, she is not expected to leave the holy cities. She can delay her Tawaf only until she can do that.

In the case of Hajj, if a woman is menstruating by the time of Tawaf al-Ifadah, there are different opinions among scholars. Few scholars state that she must wait for the menses to end. However, others claim that it is okay for women to perform Tawaf al Ifadah during such a time.

Women are encouraged to plan ahead of their pilgrimage and seek guidance from ulemas whenever required.

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