Things To Do at Miqat

Miqat is the location where all pilgrims must enter the state of Ihram.
Miqat Qarn Al Manazel
Miqat Qarn Al-Manazel. Photo: Saudi Press Agency

Pilgrims are advised to take ghusl, recite Talbiyah, wear Ihram, and abstain from prohibited acts along with making the intention of the pilgrimage at Miqat.

Hajj and Umrah are the two important spiritual experiences in a Muslim’s life. However, it is important to know when to enter the state of Ihram while going on this spiritual journey.

Miqat is the location or the point where pilgrims must enter the state of Ihram.

However, apart from making the intention of wearing Ihram, there are a few other mandatory things that should be considered.

These key things include:

Recitation of Talbiyah

Talbiyah is a beautiful dua which marks the beginning of the pilgrimage. It is a call to Allah showcasing the pilgrim’s submission to Allah.

At Miqat pilgrims should recite the Talbiyah which is a declaration of the intention of the pilgrim to perform the pilgrimage.

Refrain from Prohibited (Haram) Actions In The State of Ihram

It is advised not to use scented products, cut nails, or shave after entering the state of Ihram. These actions must be avoided to maintain the holiness of the pilgrimage and to promote self-discipline.

Wear Ihram

At Miqat every individual, either a man or a woman must enter the state of Ihram. The Ihram for man consists of two white unsewn garments that promote equality amongst every pilgrim regardless of their financial health.

For women, the Ihram is her clothes. Ihram symbolizes simplicity which is one thing promoted by Islam.

Perform Ghusl

One should perform Ghusl by following the mandatory action of Ghusl to ensure mental and physical purity before starting the pilgrimage. Pilgrims can apply any fragrance after Ghusl however this must be done before wearing of Ihram.

Hajj and Umrah are spiritual journeys that offer a life-changing event. One must follow the key steps at Miqat to get the maximum benefits of the pilgrimage ahead.

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