UAE Makes Living Together without Marriage and Drinking Alcohol Legal

Now you can freely drink alcohol anywhere in UAE.
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The United Arab Emirates has announced that the country now allows living together without marriage as well as made Drinking alcohol legal in the country.

As the United Arab Emirates is becoming a country where a great number of tourists from all around the world, including west come to visit the country. UAE have announced new laws to ease the Islamic laws prohibiting living together or drinking alcohol.

But, from now on, couples can live together without being getting married or can drink alcohol anywhere in the UAE, without being restricted by anyone.

Usually, middle eastern countries, who follow Islamic laws, doesn’t allow such activities. WAM news agency has said the decision is taken to boost the country’s social standing and the UAE economy.

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UAE has been taking bold steps which made it a center of criticism before UAE made a friendship deal with Israel and later showed support to France.

UAE is also ready to welcome Israeli tourists from now on. According to the government, UAE faces great losses due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and now taking steps to recover its tourism industry.

In Islamic laws consumption of Alcohol and two people of opposite gender living together without marriage is strictly prohibited. In the majority of Muslim countries a person can not do any of these.

These two activities are among the Haram activities in the Islamic studies. Haram activities are the activities which are prohibited as per Islamic rules.

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Making drinking alcohol legal will make tourists from the west easier to settle in the UAE. All penalties linked to drinking alcohol publically and living together is now abolished.

The national newspaper have confirmed the news from the United Arab Emirates office.

What do you think about this decision made by United Arab Emirates to legalize these things in the comments section below.

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Anowar Hussain

It is funny and encouraging crime

allan w massey

Welcome to UAE Israel,may ALLAH help us

Sooraya farheen

Disgusting…sign of day of judgement soon..very near..forbidden things by Allah Tallah cannot be accepted..plz check rules of Quraan again.Prophet Mohammad S.A.W says in hadith these things are haram..fear Allah Tallah..or you will all amongst the losers..just for money you are selling your religion..if Allah Tallah he can destroy u all..but everything has it’s time.. fear him..all I can say..

A Shabbir Ahmed

This is Clearly the End Times when all kinds of Fitnah will be prevalent in all societies, be it Muslim or not yet Muslim. It is the israeli jews/zionists who introduced prostitution/illegal relationships in all the countries which gave them asylum such as Russia, Germany and Europe. And they were chased out of these countries/continents because of these crimes. Now with the UAE signing the peace accord with these zionists, what else can you expect. They will destroy UAE and all the Muslim countries who have inked this peace deal, from within. This is the bitter truth about these zionist… Read more »

Monique B

It’s so disturbing to see an islamic country want to be so western in some of the worst ways. 1 year from now will be the first generation of single mothers and masses of children growing up with out fathers as moral’s disappear!


This is called End of the world is nearby!

Joomratee R A

Unbelievable. Shocking. They will be doomed.

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