New Muslim Tube, Website That Has All Islamic Videos In One Place!

New Muslim Tube website

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Searching for Islamic videos by visiting one by one is kind of hectic, today we found out a great website which has all the Islamic videos in one place. New Muslim Tube is a platform which has all the Islamic videos sorted categorically as well as per your favorite scholar.

It is the one-stop place for all kind of Islamic content. The other thing is that if you are an Islamic video creator, then you can just simply visit their website and then you can submit your own video to be featured on their website.

All Islamic Videos In One Place!

New Muslim Tube 1

On their website, you will be able to see different categories to explore the another and easy view of Islam. Broader categories will make Muslims and even Non-Muslims to explore Islam very easily. The video content looks very engaging which makes people understand Islam better.

Lectures of Numerous Muslim Scholars at One Place!

New Muslim Tube 2

From Zakir Naik to Mufti Menk, you name it they have it!

They have a huge number of Islamic scholars’ lectures listed on their website, so you do not have to go here or there to listen to different scholars. But with this website, surfing Islamic videos became easier as they have all the scholars at one place.

Live Kaaba Streaming!

New Muslim Tube 3

It also has the live streaming, where you can see Kaaba 24/7, New Muslim Tube is not just for Islamic videos, it is also available for the streaming of videos which Muslim viewers will find interesting.

Lastly, this is overall a great initiative to make Muslims lives easier as they can get all the stuff at once place and for the Non-Muslims, it would be easier for them as well to figure out what is real Islam is and how they can get introduced to it.

Go on and Visit Now to get all of your Islamic videos in one place!

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