Seeing Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Dream? This Is What It Means

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Have you ever saw Prophet Muhammad PBUH in dream? And confused about the interpretation of that dream? Here we help you decode that dream.

As in a hadith Prophet Muhammad PBUH said that whoever sees him in a dream, that it is true that it is him as Devil can not take his form in any way.

Abu Hurairah RA said that whoever sees Prophet PBUH, they should not get sad, they should be happy that they got the chance of a lifetime to see him in their lifetime.

Meaning of seeing Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Dream

If you have seen Prophet Muhammad PBUH in your dream, it shows that your life is on a positive path. If a person is facing hardships and he or she sees him (PBUH) in dream, it shows that happiness will be on their doorstep real soon. If that person is in debts, the debts will be paid soon, if he is facing any kind of problem, that problem will be gone forever.

There are different situations in a dream where you can see Prophet Muhammad PBUH. So here are those different situations and interpretations of the dreams.

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Seeing Prophet Muhammad PBUH in an unhappy mood in your dream?

This shows that your Iman is weak and you’re doing Biddah (Biddah is the concepts that were added by people after Islam was completed).

Seeing people calling for Muhammad PBUH in your dream

It means your city will be flourished.

Seeing Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in sickness in your dream

It shows that the faith of that person is weak.

Seeing Prophet Muhmmad PBUH in a Calm mood or in the mosque in your dream

It shows that Allah will shower his blessings onto you.

Seeing Prophet Muhammad PBUH in a country in your dream

It shows that the country where you have to see him (PBUH) will be flourished. And the enemy of that country will be eliminated.

Seeing Prophet Muhammad PBUH without a body part in your dream

It shows that you do not have faith, also known as Faithlessness. And the body part that you see reduced shows that the person has no faith.

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Seeing Prophet Muhammad PBUH distributing dry fruits in your dream

It shows that your faith is strong.

Seeing Prophet Muhammad PBUH in an angry mood in your dream

This is indeed not a good sign. It means that Prophet Muhammad PBUH is angry with that person.

Seeing the funeral of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in your dream

As per Abdullah bin Abbas, if someone sees the funeral of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in their dream it is a sign that the country of that person will face difficulties. If Prophet PBUH seen walking behind the funeral it shows the Biddah happening in Islam.

Only faithful people can see Prophet Muhammad PBUH in their dream

Ibn Sirin claims that Prophet Muhammad PBUH only visits the people (in their dreams) who are faithful. In dreams, Prophet Muhammad PBUH tells about the blessings and warns about the bad things one is currently down.

NOTE: all the interpretation we told you in this article is being taken from the book “A concise guide for the interpretation of Dreams” which is written by Mohammad Bin Sirin.

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Assalamu Alaykum wrb I’ve dreamt of Nabi Muhammad S. A. W. And would like the interpretation please, if possible I was in my house and sitting with a baby on my lap and talking to a woman who came to visit me.. She looked so pious and was dressed like it as well. Then, he SAW came to sit next to me wearing his meccan garb. He opened up the Holy Quran and spoke to me about it, especially pointing out husbands. He showed me by pointing with his index finger. Then my youngest son ran to me after he… Read more »

Ahmed Mohsen

I had a dream of Nabi Muhammad S.A.W and people were around him and there was police who would grab him and put him into jail. That was all the dream. Any clues what could that mean???


My interpretation is that, it means Islam will grow and more will follow Muhammad SAW but the ignorant and corrupt people will fight against Islam and try to make sure it never prevails as a growing religion and will fight and try to deny it in every possible way they can


Assalamu alaykum. i had dreams seeing the moon. What does that mean ? also being told in a dream by my father that the Prophet S.A.W. sent him to me then relied a message while holding a paper with arabic writing? dream of going to visit the prophet S.A.W’S GRAVE and found a man with a black cloak standing with his back that i can see. he was not facing me. and also dream of going high up in the sky and see a man sitting on a chair reading with another man walking up and down by him. who… Read more »

Sameen Anjum

I once saw probhet Muhammad(may peace of Allah be upon him) in my dream he was asking me to help the people of that village or the town where I saw him I didn’t remember his face but it was somewhat like how i have had read about him. And today I saw a vdo in which they were telling that how could be the look of his house ,the well, the trees and a street in which at the end I have to save them or help them from something or someone. I did not understand this. Please help… Read more »


Assalamu alaykum , I’m much confused of my dream. So can you please help me. It had happened 2 years before , I’m having this confusion for a long time. I had asked all who could help me, but unfortunately I couldn’t find a better response from any one. Let me explain…… Location was in my old school. School was dismissed earlier due to recognition of qiyamah (end of world). Some arabic statementes where hearing all around, I dont know from where the sound was comig. I was searching fir my best friend yaseen I told him to take care… Read more »


Asalamaleikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu,

I wanted to ask about a dream I had .
It was after fajir .
I dreamt of talking to the prophet SAW
I didn’t not see him but just talked through a window .
He just told me to make sure the funeral that I go to no one should gossip .
And after that in my dream went to a funeral and women were gossiping but I told them all we should read the Quran .
What does this dream mean , or could it be shaytan playing with my head


aoa i saw prophet pbuh in my dream not actually but that i was in my school and it felt like we were from the same time when prophet pbuh used to be alive i was standing in the assembly ground very sad and suddenly began to cry,i thought in my heart now that prophet pbuh had passed away our ummah will be in allot danger and will choose the wrong way . then i hold the dead body of prophet pbuh in my arms which was covered with a long cloth i glanced at his face which was also… Read more »

Shaminah habiib

What about seeing the prophet when He is a battle field and seeing him when He is in the desert


I wrote prophet Muhammad PBUH name in dream. What does that mean

lutfur rahman

assalamu alaikum,i had two dream about prophet muhammad S. A. W. i am just confused am i really see him or not bcz i am a sinful person. my first dream was,(i am from bangladesh) in waz mahfil stage there was standing my father and he is so happy i didn’t see him that happy before, beside him someone sitting on a sofa chair.i was asking some audience member who is he? someone said that, he is prophet muhammad (peace be upon him). my second dream about prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) was last night,i see 3 ya 4… Read more »

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