Saudi Arabia Demolishing Islamic Landmarks, Video Claims

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Saudi Arabia demolishing Islamic Landmarks, this new video claims serious points that will shock your soul up. Claiming some of the serious facts.

We have seen and heard the people complaining about Saudi Arabia is destroying the Islamic landmarks to make way for new outlets to do business, one of the major thing which went highlighted when Paris Hilton was opened near the Holy Kaaba, which got highly criticized by the Muslims around the world.

Having Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 focuses on modernizing Saudi Arabia, which includes DJ parties in Saudi Arabia and cinemas opening, which is nothing but a big surprise.

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Highlighting the important facts, a Channel on YouTube “The Vigilant One” uploaded a video having serious claims that Saudi Government is actively demolishing important Islamic landmarks to expand Masjid Al Haram and to introduce new businesses.

Saudi Arabia Demolishing Islamic Landmarks ? Watch This!

If the Saudi Arabian government continues to do this act of destroying each and every Islamic Landmark to expand masjid al Haram, then one day there will be no Islamic Landmarks left. The other way of dealing with this thing could also be preserving it while expanding the mosque too.

Destroying the things just for the sake of expanding mosque is not the solution, they could have made it a museum so people can see the REAL things where most of the Islamic personalities had lived.

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But we really hope that Saudi Arabia stops demolishing all the Islamic Landmarks and instead make it a museum so people coming form all around the world can have a look into the lives of the greatest Islamic figures lived on this land.

Let us know in the comment box below what you think about this video, indeed this must have come as a shock to you but it is the bitter truth.

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allan w massey

This is what Israel is doing in the Holy land

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