The Major Reason Behind The Crack On Kaaba Wall

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If you look at the Rukn Yamani of the Kaaba, you will see a big crack on Kaaba. Ever throught, why is there a big crack on the Holy Kaaba? There are mixed views about it, we at The Islamic Information decided to tell all the views related to this phenomenon.

Holy Kaaba was built thousands years before the birth of our last prophet (PBUH). Prophet Ibrahim (AS) and Prophet Ismail (AS) built it. Holy Kaaba has been standing for thousands of years and have seen Floods, Earthquakes and various different attacks.

During these years, the Kaaba had been renovated and rebuilt. At the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, it was renovated multiple times.

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Why is there a crack in the Holy Kaaba?

Kaaba Crack
13 Rajab IR

There is a famous story attached with it, According to some studies and citation, the mother of the fourth caliph Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) was pragnent as she was expecting Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA).

She started doing Tawaf of the Kaaba and it was ehrn the Holy Kaaba was opened for her and she went inside the Holy Kaaba and gave birth to Ali Ibn Ali Talib (RA) (Shias and Sunnis both agreed that Ali (RA) was born inside the Holy Kabaa). The crack you see on the Kaaba is due to that.

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Have a closer look on Crack on Kaaba

Kaaba Crack Ali Birth

Ali was the first person to be born inside the Holy Kaaba. He was the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as well as he was his son-in-law as he was married to the daughter of Prophet (PBUH), Syeda Fatima Zahra. And Fathered children, some are Hasan Ibn Ali (RA), Zainab Bint Ali (RA), Hussain Ibn Ali (RA) and Abbas Ibn Ali (RA).

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Who was born inside the Kabba?

The first Caliph and the first Imam, Hazra Imam Ali (as)

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